Welcome to Our Company!

At Vision Concepts, we focus on innovative solutions.

Whether it is a result of a Business Analysis service, or a concept adopted by us, we always exhort with every possible mean, effort, knowledge and expertise to create the best level of innovation.

As Business Consultants, we work with startups and with existing businesses of any size and at any stage to improve their business processes and practices, and to help them take pragmatic business decisions while providing them with an outsider’s eagle-eye view on their business operations and services. Our focus here is on Business Analysis, Process Improvement, and on the implementation of the most effective Project Management Professional tools and practices.

Our Project Management service focuses mainly on helping organizations in analysing, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing their projects. We follow the PMBOK® 5th Edition from PMI® as our guide in the project management field, our project managers are all PMP® certified and are headed by the owner of Vision Concepts personally who is a very experienced fellow in this field.

Our Concept Development service helps entrepreneurs and startups with their journey on a "step-by-step" basis, we do lead them through their venture until they become confident and sure that they can overcome their problems alone.

Our Training are tailored to fit every organization. We do not use template-type training, and we do not beleive that one training set will serve all. Every trainee is different; the examples and exercises we provide during our training are of topics related to the daily challenges faced by the trainee, so he/she can make the best our of the training received.

Our Values


Vision, Innovation & Applicability
Vision is our first name, innovation and Applicability are the basis of our solutions. We only recommend SMART solutions that always follow detailed comprehensive studies and deep analysis.


We take ownership for the decisions and actions made by us, and the consequences of the results. We as well held ourselves responsible for all the recommendations we we present to you.


We treat people and resources as though we value them. These include people, money, reputation, safety, and evironmental resources; which are always treated with the utmost respect.


Fairness & Honesty
Fairness affect all our decisions and recommendations, we always set the interests of your organization as our primary goal. Honesty lays the foundation of all our activities and interactions.

Our History, and beyound...


The first step towards our experience building process, since then, education and skills have been developping, and experience was building very fast..


This year was the breakthrough for our entrepreneurship experience. On year 2003, we have started applying all the education earned ealier, and started developing practice.


Now that we have developed all the practice and experience throughout the years, it is high-time to leverage on them in order to bring some value to the market place..

2017 & beyound

Looking forward for a bright future where we can serve you with much better effciciency...