Services Overview

Strategic Planning
We help setting priorities, focus energy and resources, strenghen operations, ensure common goals, agree on intended ourcomes, and guide organization's direction in response to changes.

Risk Management
We can help you foracast and evaluate financial and operational risks, and define a mitigation plan for each, to stand ready for uncertainties. We have our tailored detailed risk traceability matrix for that.

Project Management
From Initiating, to Planning, to Execution, to Monitoring and Controlling, to Closing. We provide PM services for your project to ensure its delivery within the scope, cost and time constraints.

Scheduling & Cost Control
We break down your projects into WBS activities, we create your project schedule using CPM and CCM, then we use our state-of-the-art inhouse cost control software to track & manage your project costs.

Concept Development
For newby entrepreneurs as well as for large corporation, our advanced techniques in conceptualizing and developing new ideas are like no other to create plans and realize ideas that work.

Training and Mentoring
We use all our knowledge to train your staff and executive, whether it's a simple technical training or a complete mentioning program, we do our best to assure your success in every plan.

Main Services


Franchise Assessment

Are you ready to create a new franchise, or to buy a one off the shelve, talk to us before you proceed. We help you in detailed assess ment and throughout your development plase with detailed cost and returns analysis, so no unsure step will be taken ourtside what is planned for.


Expert Business

Whether you are developping an in-house expansion plan, or you are seeking a detailed business plan to drag investors to your business, we provide business plan development services so that you can apply for a loan, attrach a seed investor, or attract any venture capitalist to your business..


Development and
Expansion Advice

Looking for expansion or for business development in a new region, adding a new service or product or expanding your customer's coverage to serve more potential clients, we can help. We can develop you expansion plan with step by step development manuals with monitoring KPI's and indices..


Project Management and Controls

Small or large project, it doesn't really matter. our Project Management techniques and methods were tested again ana again to suit every type and every size of projects. We use some internationally known tools as well as our own in-house built tools to bring the best effectiveness to you..