Our clients are our partners, whatever deemed good for them, is good for us.
We practice partnership at every level with our clients; we always endeavour and exhort every possible mean to determine the right solution for them, that's a crucial part of our code of ethics in our company.

Why Choose Us


For our Extensive Expertise

We have been there, and we know how to deal with almost every situation. Our expertise is wide and extensive in many fields, we provide the service that we do best and we stop were our expertise ends. We are professionals, and we perform our duties while keeping our professional attitude at the toppest priority.


To Identfy & Solve your problems

Sometimes your employees are too close to a problem inside your organization to identify it, we look from a broad perspective and we perform the eagle eye practice. What seams invisible to the people working within your organizaion might look very obvious to us to spot, identify, analyze and figure out its solution.


To Supplement your Staff

When you work with us, you only commit for a job not a long term employment. Our services, although priced reasonably, might look a bit higher than an employee payroll at the hourly rate basis, but when you add to the equation our expertise and the relatively short period during which we will be involved, you would realize that hiring us was a saving practice for your organization.


To act as a Aatalyst, a "First Aid"

Let's face it, no one likes changes, but sometimes the change is needed. Remember, you cannot expect different results while doing the same actions!... We can "get the ball rolling" again and again, we perform and achieve results while bringing a new life to your organization, we bring new ideas that work.


To provide Objectivity

No one is better or more qualified than us to identify your problems and needs. We provide an objective, fresh viewpoint without having you worrying about the results and how they were achieved. We will help you select your Objectives on a SMART basis. We value your long terms goals and your organization's values first.


To Teach & Improve your Staff

Apart from working for living, we have a passion to what we do, we research every new innovation or new practice related to our fields, and we feel passionate to explore and learn more every single day. We will teach your staff, and introduce them to new techniques and practices that will help them improve their daily performances.


To Create a New Business

Our extensive experience in business startups and entrepreneurship will add a lot of value to your organization when planning to starting a new venture or a new business. We can conceive an idea that suits your development goals, we can develop it, and we will help you realizing it. This could apply to a newby entrepreneur, as well as to a fully developed mature organization.


You Know Better...

Well, you know your business and operations more than any of us, and most probably more than anyone else. However, we all have some lacks of knowledge in some areas. Whenever you feel like you need any type of assistance, maybe we can help, or at most, we might know someone who could...

Successful Economic Solutions

Our solutions are recommended after a detailed and careful study of the situation. We rely on pratical technology, we always put ourselves in the clients' shoes first. Fadi Malek, MSc. Engr., PMP®, PBA® Founder, Managing Director

Choosing the right technology is a tricky mission. We always examine your as-is status and your possible future expansion options before choosing the correct one. Francisco Hatem, MSc, PMP®, ITIL®IT Technical Advisor